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The Pre-employment Process

I have registered with CoreStaff, what happens next?

When you register with CoreStaff your resume is reviewed by our consultants. If you are applying for an advertised position you will be contacted if we feel you have the skills and experience our client requires.

If you are registering for any future opportunities you will be entered into our database if you have:

  • relevant skills and experience that our clients generally look for
  • mining experience
  • a qualification directly pertaining to the mining industry

Our database is regularly searched when new positions become available. Due to the volume of applications we receive, at times we are unable to contact all candidates. You are, however, welcome to contact the relevant branch to discuss your application. You will be notified in due course if you have not been successful.

Do you hire people in the mining industry without experience?

Generally speaking we have very limited opportunities for people wanting to get a start in mining. Due to time restraints, safety issues, and to keep production at a maximum, our clients require experienced personnel.

There can be exceptions where in regional locations (for instance via our Mt Isa office or our Kalgoorlie office ) we sometimes have opportunities to place people into entry level roles. This will usually only occur where you have already made your way to the location.

We find the best way to get a start in the industry is to contact the mining companies directly, or if possible look at relocating to one of the regional mining centres.

Will I have to do a pre-employment medical?

Pre-employment assessments are an integral component of our recruitment procedure. The actual assessments will vary depending on the role and the client.

A General Mine Medical

A general Mine Medical reviews your past medical history and assesses your general health including your eyesight, hearing and lung capacity. You will also be required to do a drug and alcohol screen. Some sites will also require a chest Xray, an ECG and various other blood tests.

A physical assessment

Some of our clients require a fitness test that examines your full range of movement, strength and physical capacity. You will be asked amongst other things to do core strength (stomach muscle) tests, lift weights, cardiovascular tests, push ups etc. The test is designed to ensure you have the capacity to work safely in the role you are applying for. Generally people who are not proactive in maintaining their fitness will not meet the criteria. People who have sustained past injuries that have weakened or restrict movement (depending on the situation) may not meet the criteria either.

A psychological Assessment

This assessment has been developed to ensure you have the capacity to operate and behave in a safe manner. It includes a comprehensive set of measures that include;

Basic measures of cognitive functioning, sustained attention, short term memory, speed of processing information, basic literacy and numeracy skills, problem solving and reasoning abilities, perception of risk and hazard identification along with your attitudes to work and personality traits. This assessment is conducted in a controlled environment on a computer.


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