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Tips on Resumes and Interviews

A good resume will allow our Recruitment Consultants to quickly ascertain your skills and experiences in relation to not only our current vacancies but any future opportunities as well.

General rules;

  • Keep it simple and short, a resume should only be 2-5 pages long.
  • Use a standard font
  • Do not lie or embellish the facts
  • It is helpful to know if you are intending to or willing to relocate.
  • If your work background is varied and you are not applying for a particular role it is important for us to know the type of position you are looking for.
  • Include copies of any licences/tickets and qualifications

A good resume will include;

1. Contact details

  • Your full name and current address
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Day time contact number

2. Licences/ tickets/Qualifications/ inductions

  • Description of qualification
  • Date completed
  • Scanned copies of tickets is beneficial however originals will need to be sighted           

3. Work history

  • Dates employed
  • Company worked for. If applicable include the site
  • Position title
  • List your main duties and responsibilities
  • i.e. If you have experience as a Mobile Plant Operator, list the models you operated

4. Referees

  • A minimum of two referees should be included. They should be relevant (i.e. someone you reported to or someone who directly oversaw your work) and from recent work

Resume, cover letter and interview tips

Three additional websites for tips on writing resumes and cover letters, as well as tips for interviews:


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