IWD 2020 – Meet Josephine, Senior Payroll Officer for CGH Group Head Office in Darwin

Smiling lady in black dress

You would think that payroll is the same every week, but it never is, every day/week is a little different. I mostly look after the QLD CoreStaff payroll; however, I overlook all of the other payrolls and help manage the payroll team as much as I can. To put it briefly my role involves; setting up rates, entering timesheets, processing pays, generating/sending/uploading invoices, chasing POs, creating client reports and maintaining healthy relationships with our candidates and clients.

Highlights: Being able to help the payroll team as much as I can, wherever I can and building relationships with members in each CoreStaff office. I also enjoy building great relationships with our clients. The work you put in becomes really rewarding.

Any advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps:
Lists!!!! Create lists/notes for everything. I have notebooks full of weekly/daily tasks, that way you won’t forget. Always ask if anyone needs a hand.

What Josephine’s team say about her.
“Hardworking female” is an understatement. She stays back after work almost every day and puts her heart and soul into her work. Her patience and understanding is that of a mother with 50 kids and deserves to be recognised. She’s an excellent teacher, mentor and friend to all. Josephine is a star at the Darwin Branch and is a great role model.