Tame your inbox

De-clutter that inbox and start the working year right

Get into the habit of deleting

This is a hard habit to get into, but once you do you’ll be thanking us and wondering why you didn’t pick it up sooner! As soon as you read an email you don’t need for future reference – for example, a thank you note from a workmate – press that delete button. We know it sounds harsh but it’ll get easier as you keep doing it, trust us.


It’s a common experience. You open your inbox and are confronted with numerous mailing list emails that you can’t even remember signing up for. A big inbox clogger, newsletter style emails from big brands are sent at high frequency and therefore, can easily get out of control. Take some time to sit down and go through them all and unsubscribe from the unnecessary ones. This is also a good time to turn irrelevant notifications off

Create a filing system

Whether you’re using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or anything else, inboxes always have an option for you to file your emails. Use Folders or Labels to ensure emails stay in their relevant place, so you can access them later, quickly and easily. A handy tip is to make your filing categories very specific so there is only ever enough emails to fill a single page – because really, who looks at Page 2 emails?

Try some filters

Set up some filters so you don’t have to manually move emails into the relevant filing category. Doing this will save you so much time and stress! You want technology to work for you, not the other way around. This will also get you into the habit of checking, not only your general inbox page but also clicking into your filing categories regularly.

Use emailing apps

There are so many apps out there, designed to help you be more productive at work. One of them is Boomerang and it will change your world! Available for Gmail and Outlook, this clever app allows you to schedule emails and set up reminders to go back and look at emails you might not have had time for when they first arrived. The app is a fantastic solution for anyone in a role that oversees a general inbox, which may get emailed constantly throughout the day.

Go mobile

We know it sounds like a drag and might not be so productive if you’re a workaholic BUT synching your work email to your phone can do wonders, especially for people who tend to be offsite a lot. Being able to access your work emails from your phone means you won’t come back to the office and be met with an overflowing inbox that gives you anxiety!