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Corestaff as a good corporate citizen,  is committed to, as far as possible in areas over which it has control or can influence, ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees. As such CoreStaff risk assesses all workplaces where employees are placed or are likely to be placed and will not place people in areas that do not meet CoreStaff’s standards. Please refer to CoreStaff’s Policies to gain an understanding of what those Standards may be and Senior Management Commitment to those standards.

CoreStaff will also investigate incidents that happen on client site that injure or have the potential to cause significant damage to fixed or mobile plant and the environment. However CoreStaff is reliant on all CoreStaff employees and the host employers to inform CoreStaff of any incident that may occur. The sooner CoreStaff is notified the sooner CoreStaff can assist if needed with Workers Compensation Claims, access to medical expertise or even access to Employee Assistance Programs.

CoreStaff is committed to, where it is able,  working with its clients and employees to minimise effects on the environment thus it is vital that any environmental incident is also reported as soon as possible.


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