IWD 2021 – Angela From Jaytex

Meet Angela, Project Manager, Jaytex




Angela is a project manager at Jaytex in the Northern Territory. We asked her to give us some insight into her world as a female lead in the male-dominated construction industry. How does she choose to challenge?





What are the challenges of your role:

The work requires long hours to complete works within tight time frames, always having to work within constraints, either time, resources or budgets, juggling and balancing all of those components.

How do you challenge gender bias and inequality or seek out and celebrate women’s achievements?

As a woman, I lead a project team made up of almost exclusively men (I do have project support staff that are women).

I am involved with several women’s advocacy groups and networks, developing programs to encourage and support women within the B&C industry

I support other women’s networks by attending their events

Any advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps?

Nothing comes for free, hard work is required to get where you want to go. Don’t be discouraged and take any opportunity that gets presented to you.