Zero Harm

CoreStaff is committed to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees. As such CoreStaff risk assesses all workplaces where Employees are placed.

CoreStaff will investigate incidents that happen on the client’s site that injure or have the potential to cause personal injury or significant damage to plant, equipment or the environment.

CoreStaff is reliant on all our employees and the host Employers to inform us of any incident that may occur. The sooner we are notified the sooner we can assist if needed with Workers Compensation Claims, access to medical expertise and access to Employee Assistance Programs if required.


The CoreStaff integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System has been certified as meeting the requirements of the following Australian and International management system standards.

AS/NZS 4801
OHSAS 45001
ISO 9001
StaffSure Workforce Services Provider Certification

These systems are reviewed by external auditors on a regular basis who ensure that our performance and people are never compromised.

We have effectively implemented an OH&S Management System to ensure compliance with relevant OH&S legislation, standards and codes of practice. As a result we are able to mitigate the risks associated with health and safety in the working environment for Employees, Clients and the general public.


Quality Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Harassment Free Workplace Policy
Code Of Conduct Policy
Rehabilitation and Injury Management Policy
Fitness for Work Policy

Report an Incident

Safety is a priority for CoreStaff and our clients. We work closely with our clients to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. A team of Occupational Health and Safety professionals work tirelessly to ensure a goal of ZERO harm is achieved.

If you need to report an incident, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Injury Management

CoreStaff value their employees and are committed to their rehabilitation in the event of a work related injury or illness. We encourage our employees to report injuries immediately so that medical intervention can be arranged as early as possible.

Communication is considered essential for success. CoreStaff will liaise regularly with the employee, medical practitioner and other relevant parties to ensure a positive outcome is reached.

In order for CoreStaff to assist employees access workers compensation assistance, several things need to happen.

1. CoreStaff needs to be advised immediately (or as soon as practical) about any incident, especially any involving injury

2. Appropriate paperwork needs to be filled in (incident report, workers compensation claim form etc.)

CoreStaff has a National Injury Management Co-Ordinator who will assist any injured party to seek appropriate treatment, compensation, and where necessary, rehabilitation.

Site Risk Assessment

A mandatory risk assessment must be performed on a client’s job site prior to CoreStaff placing an employee. Further risk assessments will be performed on a regular basis in order to ensure that the client is providing a safe job site for the employee.

Candidate Risk Assessment

Health Assessment Questionnaire
All prospective employees of CoreStaff are required to complete a comprehensive Health Assessment Questionnaire

Mobility Assessment Test
We have an in-house functional mobility assessment developed by an occupational physiotherapist to assess candidates functional suitability for manual work.

Psychometric Assessment
Through our sister company OPRA Psychology Group, we are able to offer a range of assessments for recruitment including the Health and Safety Indicator, an industry-leading safety behaviour profiling assessment

Online Induction

All CoreStaff employees are required to complete an online safety induction prior to commencing in their new role. If required, employees must also complete a site-specific induction provided by the client and specific training in areas such as isolation plant and equipment, and manual handling.

In addition to the online induction, CoreStaff provides all of our employees with a comprehensive employee handbook which contains policies, procedures, safety information and key contact details.