What to Wear to Your Next Job Interview?

Amazed a potential employer with your stellar resume and scored yourself an interview? Now it’s time to wow them with your professional appearance.

What you wear to an interview can project a self-image of skill, professionalism, competence, and experience.

Why is it Important?

Dressing appropriately signifies that you are serious about the job. It alludes that you are respectful of the interviewer’s time and are genuinely interested in the position. It can also demonstrate your capability to perform professionally, which can lead to better chances of an offer.

What to Wear

While the specifics on what you should wear to your next job interview depends on the position you are applying for, as a rule of thumb, aim to overdress rather than underdress.

Be aware of the industry and role of the opportunity. For example with blue-collar jobs, the work environment is relatively less formal than a typical corporate interview. For example, if you apply for a role in construction or transport, a suit will make you look out of place in an environment where practicality is prioritised.

If you are ever in doubt, go for a smart casual look. A long-sleeved button-up shirt paired with pants or knee length skirt.  You can complete this look with clean enclosed shoes.

Take note of your personal grooming and hygiene as this indicates the effort and care you will take as an employee.

What Not to Wear

Clothing that is stained, ripped or with visible holes should not be worn to an interview. Irrespective of how formal or informal the work environment may be, you should always aim to look professional.

Avoid statement shirts with slogans, funny captions or any distracting designs that may distract or offend your interviewer. Instead, choose clothing in block colours with minimal designs.

Remember that your clothing only leaves a lasting impression if it is matched with the confidence you feel in your ability to perform and succeed in the job. Wear something practical and appropriate, but also something that makes you feel empowered and self-assured. Good luck!