6 Surprising Lessons From The Remarkable Eucalyptus

It’s an icon of Australia, and grows across the length and breadth of our country. Three quarters of our native forests are eucalyptus.

As a family, eucalypti vary from short shrubs in scrub, to towering giants in Tasmania. There are countless different species and varieties thriving in all manner of terrain.

It may be a plant, but the eucalyptus can teach us some very valuable lessons.

Lesson 1: Be adaptable
Most species of eucalyptus are native to Australia, save a few across the islands of New Guinea & Indonesia. But due to their determination to thrive, Eucalyptus is cultivated globally, and has become totally naturalized in the USA. Like a euclypt, you should always be ready to adapt to your situation. Be open to opportunity – even If takes you out of your comfort zone.

Lesson 2: Explore different paths and skills

The reason for the Eucalyptuses global spread is due to how many uses it can have. Its wood pulp can make paper, its oils for medicine, fuels or fragrance. Its such a thirsty tree that it acts as a swamp drainer, which can help reduce malaria infections. It’s a jack of all trades, and that’s something you should also be open to. Apply yourself widely, and see what good you can do in the world.

Lesson 3: Accept & embrace change

One of the key features of the eucalypt is how its leaf formations change during its lifetime. A junior sapling and full-grown eucalyptus of the same species may look incredibly different. But change is crucial to growth. Don’t feel guilty or wistful for the person you once were. Your experiences and environment has shaped you. Embrace the changes – and see where they take you.

Lesson 4: Shed dead weight

Each year, the eucalyptus sheds its outer layer of dead bark. If it’s a particularly dry year, it will shed branches, in order to maintain the health of the rest of the plant. This is important for long-term growth for the eucalyptus – and for you too. You can’t be everything to everyone, so focus your attention on where it matters. It’s important for succeeding in your goals – but also maintaining your health (and sanity!)

Lesson 5: Be defined by difference, united by similarity

There are well over 700 species of eucalyptus out there. But they still have some traits in common. Just like humans. There are billions of us, but we all have a lot more alike than we admit. Use your differences to showcase your skills and stand out. But let your similarities with those around you – even those you disagree with – to find common ground. Empathy and respect for others opinions is crucial if you want to be well rounded.

Lesson 6: Focus on (sustainable) growth

The eucalyptus grows fast. Adopt a similar growth mindset, and focus on the steps you’re making forward. Revisit your goals often, and be grateful for the gains you make. But do so sustainably, without crowding others out. The eucalyptus didn’t – and in growing at the expense of others in Canada it’s become a pest!