The Going Will Get Tough: Here’s How To Make The Most Of Sticky Situations

Your career, much like your personal life and relationships, isn’t always going to be smooth sailing. But going through difficult circumstances that can cause emotional reactions can seem unprofessional. Trying to react to situations as a human and with your job performance in mind is a big task. But managing sticky situations at work is achievable.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Anti-venom is made from antibodies – antibodies that can only be created by being exposed to the venom. Anti-venom can only be created after encountering the venom it is fighting against. Similarly, difficult choices are fundamental to your growth. Rather than get absorbed in the immediate issues, think about trying times as opportunities for growth. These character-building moments are crucial on your continuous journey of self-improvement.

If building was easy, we’d all be doing it – all the time

In life, it’s the challenge of getting things that gives you the motivation to do it – and fuels the satisfaction of achievements. For something to be worthwhile, there will likely be some associated costs; of time, of energy, even on your relationships.

Without the bitterness of hardship, you can’t appreciate the sweetness of success.

Weave hardships into your story

Hindsight is 20:20, so it’s easier to look back and critique your previous actions. Rather than get stuck in the moment, try and bring that clarity of mind to the situation as it unfolds. And don’t be hard on yourself in retrospect – build these trials and tribulations into your narrative. If your career was a fairy tale, think of which character-building moments were your quests; your foes to battle or perilous journeys to make.

Put your Press Relations hat on

Sometimes, sticky situations can have a fallout – a series of consequences that continue to affect you. The best way to approach these is like a PR: how can you spin this situation into a win?

A great recent example of this came on Instagram. Thrifty chef Miguel Barclay, makes meals for £1. He was surprised to see an image lifted straight from his recipe book on the website of a gourmet ready meal site. His picture of his £1 mac and cheese was being used to sell a meal that retails at £8.50. That’s a mark-up of 850%!

Rather than delete the evidence or issue a rushed apology, the company reached out to Miguel to propose they collaborate on a project – one close to his ambitions.

Try a different perspective

You live in your own head, so of course you always see things from your point of view. But so often, other people don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes of your mind. When approaching tricky situations, try and flip the way you see it. Think about the information other parties have. Is it possible they’re reacting in a certain way because they don’t actually have a full picture of the situation? That’s something you can address.

Sometimes you need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – other times, it pays to think about the way they’d walk in yours.