Your desk is a window to the mind: here’s what it says

Famed management theorist Laurence J. Peter once said that “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?”

This quote has since been misused by many a creative to justify a messy space, but scientific research has shown that some truth may lie in the statement. Whilst an untidy desk correlates with creativity, a neat space may promote better habits.

With that in mind, we’re having a look at the different kind of desks you find in every office. No matter how many jobs you’ve had, you probably already notice some patterns. What does a desk say about your colleagues?

A jungle of plants

If they don’t cycle in, they go to the gym regularly. They have interesting water infusions and call themselves a wellness guru on Instagram. They always have a beautiful lunch, but you never feel you know the ‘real’ them.

Post-it city: the productivity guru

This is someone who Gets Stuff Done. They’re always enthusing about a new time-saving hack. They might seem boring but they have a plan. Great to chat with on their own, but they tend to flounder in team social situations.

Post-it city: the procrastinator

Hardly Kanban, more can’t be bothered. You can age their desk by the number of layers there are. Most of these post-it notes are doodles. That said, they are creative – but take their role as ‘joker’ a bit too seriously.

Totally empty and devoid of personality

In one word: boring. The blank desk gives off a whiff of someone not intending to stick around. Living the life of a temp, they roll in as they roll out. In a couple of years, you probably won’t remember their name.

Wallpapered with photos

Holidays, kids, pets… whatever they’ve posted up there, there’s a lot of it. They sometimes over-share but offer a great shoulder to cry on. As the social glue of the office, they always remember everyone else’s birthday.

Painstakingly neat

Probably self-diagnosed as “a bit OCD.” They often deliver work late as their perfectionist tendencies won’t let them send anything less than flawless. But they can be a good collaborator, as they will get the job done.

Go go gadget multi-screens

Each inch of the desk is covered in screens, wires, or bolted-on attachments. They act as an informal IT department but can get so lost in processes they forget the task at hand. Though quiet, they have a heart of gold.

The stationery castle

Whether its Typo, Milligram, kikki.K or Muji, they worship a particular brand of office supplies. Their desk is a picture-perfect tribute, which reflects their obsession with looks over the content. They excel at witty kitchen signs.